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Kirste George, Personal Trainer and Health, Exercise and Fitness Instructor in Sittingbourne, Kent


‍Love working out with Kirstie she got me loving exercising again, can’t recommend her enough, lost 2 stone, couldn’t of done it without her xx

‍Vicky Pengelly


‍Kirstie is a brilliant personal trainer. She is always very supportive and is always willing to help and gives good advice if I am struggling. She makes workouts fun and has helped me to lose almost 2 stone so far and has made me feel fitter than I have felt in a long time and to feel good about myself again. I love training with Kirstie and even though she pushes me really hard I always look forward to the next time I can train with her. I am so glad I found Kirstie and I am honoured to have her helping me with my fitness and weight loss journey.

‍Julie Whitehead


‍Working with Kirstie has been great, she has been nothing but encouraging and supportive of all aspects of my well being. Our sessions are always hard work but always an element of fun!! Kirstie is always pushing me and I feel so much more confident and happy with myself. Thank you xxx

‍Kate Upton


‍Ladies (& Gents) I feel I really need to give you an insight into this amazing lady and the passion she has for what she does.

‍I started having PT with Kirstie at 6 weeks post partum, at which point I had been doing planking at home. When I met with Kirstie for the consultation I told her what I had been doing. Instantly Kirstie explained that these were quite intense excercises to be doing so soon after childbirth and it could cause more harm than good to a body which is trying to recover from childbirth. This was actually the first time I had heard of this, but instantly I stopped planking!

‍Since the start Kirstie has formulated a fantastic workout, focusing on my problem areas. We have done lots of gentle core work, legs, bum and some back workouts. I love the variation Kirstie offers and how comfortable she makes me feel in the gym.

‍I had quite a stereotypical view of the gym environment, certainly not relishing the thought of entering the gym post partum, because I didn’t feel comfortable in my own skin, but Kirstie is just so comforting and has erased those fears I had initially.

‍I would whole heartedly recommend Kirstie to any ladies out there who want to do something for themselves, certainly after child birth as I personally felt like I had lost, who I was. I love being a Mummy and in the long run my fitness will be of benefit to my family.

‍Keep up the fantastic work, guidance and support Kirstie xx

‍Rachael Walsh


‍I joined Kirstie's bootcamp classes when she first began. The classes were outside and have been going every Monday since. Now the classes are indoors there is less of you so you are able to push yourself more. I have always kept on going because Kirstie is a very passionate, positive and an inspiring person. She is able to understand your capabilities and push you to more reps or higher weights. She is always there to give you advice and always there to answer any question. I love going to these classes for the community, variety of fitness workouts and to feel good every week. As a young dancer I was always confident and toned but as I got older I have struggled with my confidence and weight. Since going to Kirstie's bootcamp I have been able to lose the weight and feel confident in myself again. Now I feel the weight goal I want to lose is more achievable with the support and guidance from Kirstie.

‍Jazmin Phillips


‍In 3 months Kirstie has helped me smash my goals, so I’ve rebooked for another 10 weeks! Thank you Kirstie for making me keep going when I want to give up! So pleased with my results xx

‍Alison Cowley Capon


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